Hi, my name is Reda El Khayyat and this is my social-network independent profile page.

I am an experienced Product Manager with solid academic credentials and a track record of adding significant value to Nokia, Nokia Networks and Deutsche Bank as a result of rigorous analysis in particularly dynamic, complex and ambiguous programmes, creating problem-solving solutions and identifying lucrative business opportunities.

I’m Italian, went to school in Italy and UK and have lived in Rome, London, Bristol (UK), Plymouth (UK), Guildford (UK), Stockholm (Sweden) and few other great places. I currently live in sunny Woking (UK).

I have an MBA from Cranfield University – School of Management, worked for Nokia and Nokia Networks (also known as Nokia Siemens Networks (NSN), and have a first class degree and Master of Science in Mobile and Satellite Communications from University of Surrey.

I am interested in existentialism, mindfulness and psychology.
Passionate about all things mobile, innovative and disruptive.

That’s it, that’s my life in 10 seconds.

PS. I’m fine if you call me Radar, Red or Reeda but my name is actually Reda 😉